There’s a Heart in Every Locket!

I love vintage & antique lockets! When I stumble across one at a flea market or estate sale I usually end up buying it. As jewelry, they are often intricate & beautiful and as nostalgic objects, they are both mysterious & romantic. I wonder what torrid love affairs the wearer had or unrequited loves they may have harbored. Lockets seem like they have secrets already inside.

This particular locket came with a mystery–a trademark that eventually lead me to its history. I was able to track down information about W & H thanks to the New York Public Library’s digital archives of advertisements and a few skilled Ebay auctioneers.

The trademark inside this locket, “W & H Co” (pictured below as 1) with a heart etched around it (pictured below as 2), belonged to Wightman & Hough Company who operated out of Providence, Rhode Island.

Wightman & Hough Company made sweetheart necklaces from 1856 until 1922. They were primarily renowned for their lockets. Their slogan, which I find to be quite amusing & sweet, was “There’s a heart in every locket!” How true! Below are 3 of their advertisements:

Though I do not know the exact date of this locket as of yet (sadly, I must wait a long while for an inter-library loan to come through for a jewelry catalog from 1910 to verify thestyle & date of this locket)–I believe it is from the latter period of W & H Co.’s production. The design on the locket is an Art Deco pattern and the stones (which are all in tact) are sapphires which were popular at that time.  For now I know the approximate value of the locket is between $65.00-$250.00 (I paid $12.00 which makes me feel a bit like a Robber Baron).  You never know what you will find & what it is worth until you do a little digging–sometimes you’ve gotta trust your gut! Happy Flea Marketing everyone!


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13 responses to “There’s a Heart in Every Locket!

  1. How lovely – to get such a charming piece of jewellery, find the history, and find you’ve made a profit (if you choose to sell) sweeet!

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  3. Heather

    is it gold? I have one of their lockets myself and am looking on info on it.

  4. mtgraves

    Hi; Just read your response to Wendy and also have a W&H mourning locket and tried to open the link you provided and received a notice “You are not allowed to edit this item” I would really be interested in any help identifying the model and year of my locket also. Not sure how I will know if and when a response comes in, so just in case, my email is I would like to thank you in advance. Vince

  5. Hi! I recently received a locket as a gift and was told it was probably100 years gold – i looked inside and saw this logo, googled it, and found your post! How cool!

  6. Beth

    Thank you for posting this. I found a rather large oval locket from this jeweler and you post help tremendously! Always follow your gut!

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