Gearing Up for Indie Emporium!

Indie Emporium is 10 days away and I am so excited for it this year! In addition to having a booth at the show, I am showcasing some of my more hardcore Steampunk jewelry pieces alongside my mom’s fantastical Steampunk top hats, berets, & bowlers!  It is not an event to miss! (The fashion show takes place on Sat. Sept. 29th at 8:00pm–space fills up quickly so get there early).

I’ve been working like a mad scientist in his lab so much lately that I have neglected my blog a bit. So here are some things I’ve been cooking up–Gearrings Galore!

I’ve made so many earrings I will not even be able to put them all out at the same time! Unless I get extra creative with my display (which may just happen in 10 days). I’ve been on a button-kick lately. Pearl buttons lend a daintiness and femininity to harsh metals–one of the reasons I use them so often in my jewelry. A main staple of my gearrings are clothing snaps–you can see them in the earrings in the above collage on the left. My favorite pair I’ve recently made is pictured on the left (in the middle). A new development is my use of black buttons which I think add just a touch a dark romance.I’ve been asked to make more cameo necklaces and here are 2 of the latest! I’ve nestled them in pocket watches and paired each cameo with a background of book print. Gents, now don’t go thinking that I forgot about you–I have some extra special men’s Steampunk pieces this year. I have a line of Steampunked bow ties. And of course, man-bling like necklaces, leather cuffs, and jacket pins. There will also be a male model in the fashion show–donning a top hat, pocket watch, cuff, and steampunk medal (pictured below).And I’ll also have something for you explorers and adventurers–compasses!

Phew! Well, back to my cluttered workshop table. Hope to see you at Indie Emporium and I really hope you come by for the fashion show!



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2 responses to “Gearing Up for Indie Emporium!

  1. Your cameo necklaces are love dear! ♥

  2. Well, I hope 2012 is the year steampunk goes to Hollywood in a serious fashion. I was thrilled when J.J. Abrams picked up BOILERPLATE last year, and can’t wait to see what becomes of that project; and of course, I’m looking forward to watching the production on BONESHAKER. Steampunk is still looking for a major motion picture that (a). isn’t quietly terrible, and (b). gives more than a nod to the genre style – and when this finally occurs, I think we’ll make the official leap to mainstream awareness.

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