The Pocket Watch Bow Tie

I am bursting with pride right now–I have made what I consider one of my best creations–The Pocket Watch Bow Tie. Even though my fingers are riddled with pinpricks and sore from fiddling with metal for the majority of today; and even though my back and neck feel as if they will remain craned over horizontal surfaces forever & never straighten out again…I am so unbelievably happy.

It’s moments like these that I am grateful for the people in my life that helped me develop my imagination (seriously,  thanks Mom & Grams). I love what I do and I love what I make–which is often why it is so hard to sell certain pieces. This one has a a little bit of my soul in it, a whole lotta love & whimsy, and a touch of what makes great art–joy.

Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday. Drop by my booth at Indie Emporium this Friday and Saturday (and remember the fashion show is on Saturday @ 8pm, get there early)–there’s a ton of new jewelry and accessories–esp. for you gents.

Well, I am heading to bed where I will certainly be dreaming up more fantastical creations!



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