Steampunk Toys

I came across these interesting toys on a website called A Mighty Girl. Their mission is to promote books, movies, music, and toys that empower girls to become “smart, confident, and courageous.” A Mighty Girl also empowers parents to be more proactive and conscious of the ways in which they can raise their daughters, nieces, granddaughters, etc. I love this website and was happy to discover that they had a couple of steampunk toys so if you have a daughter you’d like to empower (or even a son, nephew, or grandson)–here’s a couple things Santa can bring on down the chimney (or they can receive one of the eight nights of Hanukkah)!


A Supersize Set of Gears (building-blocks)


Big Bag of Science (for the future inventors & scientists)


Timeline (seriously cool game of trivia about inventions & patents)–Great for all ages!


Space Module Tent (for space adventurers)


Intro to Simple Machines Gear Building Block Kit: $33.80; Dynamo Torch (pictured above); Crazy Machines, the Wacky Contraptions Games $9.99 and the Robotic Arm Kit $39.35 (for tinker-types in the making)

Aside from A Mighty Girl, there are also many other places to turn for Steampunk Toys for your little ones. I’d recommend:

Young Mad Scientist’s Alphabet Blocks

The artful and expensive toy figurines of Stephanie Halleux

And of course, you could make your own Steampunk plushies following the excellent directions in Skeate and Tedman’s Steampunk Softies. You could also alter toys or toy DIYs and steampunk them–like the Steampunk Teddy Bear I made!



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2 responses to “Steampunk Toys

  1. Cool! I even want some of these for myself 🙂

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