Labors of Love–New from My Steampunk Studio

It’s been a wonderful three day weekend. I finished a quilt, made a beautiful bouquet locket for my cousin’s wedding next weekend (pictures to follow in another post), and tinkered around making new steampunk creations. Thought I’d share a few with you!

Reversible Mechanic Necklace CollageThe Airship Mechanic’s Necklace is reversible. On one side is a gage and on the other a ruler. Flipping over the skeleton key, you can show off both sides! I love it when pieces are reversible!

Gear Ring CollageA new product for me–rings! These are a fun cluster of gears, tiny machine parts, and sewing notions.

Gear Cascade Ring CollageThis ring is a chain & gear cascade. I love how each layer falls over each other and a perfect blend of silver, gold, back, and bronze glint off your skin.

Steampunk Ring 1 CollageAnd this last ring is a medley of washers & gears! You’ll all definitely by seeing these new rings at my next show!

Steampunk Bookmark CollageI’ve also been making more steampunk bookmarks–which is perfect because it’s back to school!

Embroidered Rose Necklace CollageI’ve had this embroidered rose filigree pin for a while and finally the right key came along! Don’t they make a cute pair?

Airship Travel Pin CollageAnd finally, this cool travel pin which I adorned with gears, chain, and machine parts. Perfect for any airship or flight enthusiast. That’s a little peek at what I’ve been up to this weekend.



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3 responses to “Labors of Love–New from My Steampunk Studio

  1. I’m totally buying a steampunk bookmark at the next show I’m at with you! Gorgeous work, my steampunk goddess!

  2. Alice Azorium

    When I saw the name of the book one of the bookmarks were in, I almost flipped out. Why? I’m reading “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” right now. It’s my favorite at the time being and it’s proved to be the steampunkiest book I’ve ever read. Too fabulous for descriptive words.

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