Our Little Steampunk, Vintage Totally Sentimental Wedding

I have been very neglectful of you all this year, which I’ve resolved not to do in 2016. I’m actually very excited about the blog posts to come. But here is what I’ve been up to–making, collecting, and thrifting things for Rhys and I’s wedding day.

It was beautiful and meaningful, and there’s so much I want to say about it but for now–I’ll just leave you with some pictures. Much more to come later on the wedding.


This is me, deliriously happy.


Many of you who have met me at shows have seen this little guy before, my mascot diving bell helmet. It only seemed right that he should be a part of our day. All of our tables were decorated uniquely and with items from our home, flea markets, my family’s collection…it was a junker’s dream.



Of course I made everyone’s jewelry! I finally got to use pieces that I’d been hording for ages. It was all rhinestones, gears, pearls and sewing notions.


I also wore pieces that had a lot of meaning. My best friend Tiffany lent me the rhinestone bracelet that I gave her for her wedding. Her something new became my something borrowed. My other best friend, Kelechi, lent me her grandmother’s sapphire ring–my something blue. And I wore the raggedy rhinestone bracelet I’ve had since I was a little girl. I still feel like I’m wearing precious diamonds whenever I put it on though it’s missing pieces and one of the links is broken.


In my hair I wore a crown of wax flowers from the 1920s that my great-grandmother had made. She was a hat maker and used wax flowers often in her designs. It was perfect and so special.


My mom, a genius with flowers, did all of the arrangements, boutonnieres, and bouquets. For my own bouquet, I made a locket to hold a picture of Popu, my dearly missed grandfather who passed away. It also held a bit of his blue work overalls cut out in the shape of a heart. I thought of him often that day.


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