Weekend in the Studio

Small business owners wear all the “hats”–we’re designers, accountants, drivers, marketers, spokespeople, and more. One hat I dislike having to put on is photographer. Lucky for me, I married one. This weekend, I finally asked Rhys for his help with product photography.

We looked at some example photos online, product photos I wanted to emulate. Mainly, I wanted to finally be able to showcase what I love about my jewelry–it’s intricacy. For me, it’s been near impossible to capture just how dainty or how many interesting, separate parts are in one piece. I’m happy to say, that I finally have photos that do just that!


Rhys transformed our beloved built-in bookshelf into a jewelry studio. This part of the house gets plenty of natural light and is already kind of like a light box.


We taped a sheet of paper behind the area in view and hung my earrings on a wire hanger. Simple yet effective. For those of you wearing multiple hats too–reach out to the people or photographers you know for their help. You’ll be glad you asked…or in my case, asked & bribed.


I baked Rhys some chocolate thumbprint cookies as a thank you.

The results were fantastic! 9-16-earrings-21



After a successful photography shoot, I puttered around the house finishing up a couple of other handmade gifts. I whipped up this super cute pie-pincushion. I have been on a felt kick lately.


It’s in a little mason jar lid, which looks so much like a pie tin! This will make a nice stocking stuffer for all my crafty friends & family.


I also got a little reading in this weekend. Today was the perfect day to read since it was wonderfully rainy. I’ve delved into this new book by Junk Gypsy! It’s great for inspiration. I highly recommend it. It has a few cool DIYS inside, but mainly it’s an inspiration style book for upcycled dwelling spaces and parties.

I’ll be adding more new earrings to the shop soon too, now that I have oodles of new pictures! Hope you’ve all had a lovely, crafty weekend!

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