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Halloween Costume DIY Round Up

I always love this time of year. The weather is getting cooler,  I can bust out my Halloween pumpkin pin my mom made me, and of course, everyone is crafting their costumes for the big night!

Thought I would re-share some of my Halloween costume DIYs for those of you looking for some ideas. Happy Crafting!

  1. Royal Gloves from an Old Plain Pair IMG_3436
  2. Lace & Rhinestone Halloween Mask (for the femme fatale or Princess Incognita in all of us) SJE-6
  3. Embellish your Military Costume with some DIY Medals
  4. Make your own Steampunk Gun Holster IMG_9226
  5. Jazz Up an Last Year’s Mask with some Gears IMG_3600
  6. Make a Monocle Bowler Hat (every Watson needs one!)shot_1373926098697
  7. Or Embellish a Metal Mask to Make It More Your OwnSamGold-3
  8. Make your own Steampunk Crown 

More Halloween Fun–here are some easy, fun decor DIYs for your Halloween House Party to make your night more ghoulish! Make your own:

  1. Steampunk Halloween Candelabra IMG_9147
  2.  Party Decorations
  3. Steampunk Pumpkin Carvings



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Steampunk Hallow’s Eve Party~Decorations (Re-blogged)

Having a Halloween party? Want to Steampunk it up? Here are a few ideas that won’t break your wallet (gotta have money for all that candy right?)!

Jars of candy are a given for any Halloween party–to add just a touch of mystery & oddness you can attach labels like the one below from VectoriaDesigns.  They are much classier than your average Halloween labels, indicating the jar’s contents are brains, zombie boogers, blood, etc. VectoriaDesign’s labels, for instance, help set a Steampunk/Sci-Fi mood with labels like: Anti-Time Tablets, Steam Engine Oil, Octopus Ink, and my favorite Time Traveler Pills to name a few.

Steampunk Apothecary Jar Labels from VectoriaDesigns on Etsy

The labels are a digital download. Total cost: $3.50 label images (15 total), $11.99 label printer paper…$15.49

Another great digital downloadable decoration for your party are Victorian style paper dolls with a Halloween & Steampunk twist. My favorite paper doll artist is RhondasOrignials. Her dolls are by far the most unique and strikingly odd. She has over 50 paper dolls for Halloween alone. These dolls make excellent centerpieces for your table or to fill up empty space on your mantle or shelves.

The Phrends~Phrenology Paper Dolls with Vintage Bat And Pumpkins by RhondasOriginals on Etsy

What makes Rhonda’s paper dolls so special is the accessories that come with each doll and the characters that she creates. You can download her dolls on her Etsy shop, click here to follow the link. Rhonda also has specials where she bundles a number of her dolls together for Halloween. The bundle costs $23.25 or you can purchase individual doll patterns for $6.00 each. The instructions on how to assemble your dolls is very easy to follow and the colors are true to how they print on your home printer. Total Cost: (for a bundle) $23.25, brads (found in your local arts & crafts store in the scrapbooking aisle)  $1.39, Aleene’s Tacky Glue $2.50…$27.14

Aside from digital downloads, hit your local flea markets, garage sales, and estate sales for old jars & bottles. You can fill these bottles & jars with an assortment of items to fit the mood of your party. Inkling for a bit of twisted romance, dry some red roses beforehand and place them in your jars for a pretty bit of decay to display or paint them black (how very Alice in Wonderland of you to do so!). Want your party to look like a Mad Scientists Laboratory, fill those jars up with an assortment of colored liquids & place glow sticks inside so that they give off an eerie luminescence. There’s also my DIY on steampunk candles–they’re perfect for a Hallow’s Eve Bash!

There are other items you can make to give your party a steampunk feel. Craft recently posted a DIY on how to make your own miniature hot air balloon.

Photo Courtesy of

You can suspend them from the ceiling to give your party-goers the feeling that they are on an airship deck among the clouds–you can even make clouds! Click here to find out how!

Photo Courtesy of Craft

If you do not have a specific steampunk  theme in mind, you can be more general and decorate using broken machines, machine parts, clocks, and other mechanicals you may already have or ones that you can thrift. Great items to pick up: tea cups & saucers, china, clocks of any kind (you can line them all up on your mantle, table, or along your stairs), jars of light bulbs, globes or old maps, or springs (to make a garland to hang in your doorway or off your fire place).

These are just a few ideas to get you started! Stay tuned for the rest of October for my Steampunk Halloween DIY series  and get ideas on steampunkins and how  to make your own steampunk halloween costumes for adults & kids.




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Update an Old Pair of Gloves

With Halloween coming up soon, I’ve been dreaming up new steampunk costume DIYS.  The easiest way to create a Halloween costume is to simply update an older one. Many costumes include a pair of gloves. Gloves are a versatile accessory and easily updated. Here’s what you’ll need:IMG_3415

  • Pair of gloves
  • Scissors
  • Needle & Thread (the thread should match the color of your gloves)
  • Pins
  • Decorative ribbon (I purchased mine from JoAnn’s for just $2.99)
  • Embroidered Ribbon Clothing Toggle (you can find these in any sewing or fabric store in the belt & fasteners aisle)
  • Piece of plastic that fits inside your gloves (You may need to get creative with this supply–I used a kitchen utensil. You want something that will fit inside your glove & is preferably plastic so that you don’t sew through both sides of your glove when attaching the clothing toggle. Plastic is smooth and so your needle will slide once it hits it)


  1. Begin by pinning your decorative ribbon in place. To ensure that you place your ribbon evenly, line up the edge of your ribbon with the edge of your glove. Also, to hide your seam, begin pinning your ribbon on the part of the glove that will be closest to your body. Leave 1/4 inch of extra ribbon at the end. Fold this extra 1/4 inch of ribbon under & be sure that it covers up any raw edges. Pin in place.IMG_3416
  2. Using your needle & thread, sew your ribbon onto your glove. Any style of stitch will do. Be sure to keep your stitches neat & even. (Also, try to hide your stitches in the pattern of your ribbon or use a matching thread.) Remove the pins as you go.IMG_3419
  3. Repeat Steps 1 & 2 for the other glove. IMG_3421
  4. Next, put on the glove and determine where you would like to place your embroidered ribbon clothing toggle piece. (Do not pin the piece in place while you are wearing the glove…unless of course you want the Halloween gore to be real.)IMG_3422
  5. After removing the glove, pin the toggle piece in place.
  6. Before sewing, insert the piece of plastic into your glove. This will ensure that you do not sew your glove shut/together. PicMonkey Collage2
  7. Using your needle & thread, sew your toggle piece to your glove. The best stitches to use are: slip stitch, blanket stitch, or an oversewing stitch. PicMonkey Collage
  8. Repeat Steps 4-7 for the other glove. IMG_3430
  9. Now your gloves are like new! Hope they’ll keep you warm & feeling fancy this Halloween! IMG_3444

As always, Merry Making! Check back again soon for more Steampunk Halloween Costume DIYS–I have 3 already in the works on how to steampunk a mask! IMG_3436

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Carve Your Own Steampunkins! (Re-blogged)

As promised, here are a few ideas & DIYs (3 different DIYS) on how to Steampunk your Pumpkin  this Halloween! Happy Carving!

1) Kid Friendly Steampunkins, or the “Mr. Potato Head” Approach

What You’ll Need:

  • Pumpkin Carving Tools (You can purchase a kit or gather up the following: A large knife, paring knife, toothpicks, a corn-on-the-cob utensil (optional but it makes poking holes so much easier), small & large metal spoons, newspaper or trash bags to protect your table from all the pumpkin guts, and a bucket or big pot lined with a trash bag for pumpkin guts & seeds)
  • 2 gears, or as many as you prefer your pumpkin can have many cog & gear eyeballs (salvaged is preferable but if you cannot find any you can purchase reproduction gears from Michaels. Just look for the “Industrial Chic” or “Found Objects” items).
  • 3 springs (use 5-6 springs if you have a large pumpkin)
  • Accessories, goggles, a top hat, a monocle, pocketwatch, eyepatch–get creative! Create your very own Steampunk Pumpkin Character!


  1. (For adults only) Carve a lid, scoop out the pumpkin guts, and poke starter holes where the gear eyes & spring mouth will be inserted. The holes for the spring-mouth should be relatively small because your springs will be held in place by 2 toothpicks (as shown below). The toothpicks should stick out approximately 1/2-1 inch.
  2. (For kids) Stick the eyeball gears into their pumpkin sockets and give that steampunkin the ghoulish grin it’s been waiting for! Link the springs and place them on the toothpicks.
  3. (For kids) Last but not least, dress up your pumpkin with a pair of googles & a hat, an eyepatch, or a monocle on chain! Whatever your heart desires!

2) Painting on the Punk! Another kid friendly approach to pumpkin decorating!

What You’ll Need:

  • Various Acrylic Paints (any colors you choose. I like black, white, red, & metallics)
  • Paintbrushes (or various sizes, at least 1 small paintbrush for details & 1 large brush)
  • Water & Jar & Paper plate (or cardboard) for mixing your paints


  1. Paint some Steampunk scenes, objects, or faces onto your pumpkins!
  2. (Option 2 for tiny tinker-tykes ) Cut out some gear shapes or pocketwatch shapes from some sponges & give them to your tyke to dip in paint and place on their pumpkin! Download a template for gears below!

3) Classic Carving & Pumpkin Poking

What You’ll Need:

  • Pumpkin Carving Tools (You can purchase a kit or gather up the following: A large knife, paring knife, toothpicks, a corn-on-the-cob utensil (optional but it makes poking holes so much easier), small & large metal spoons, newspaper or trash bags to protect your table from all the pumpkin guts, and a bucket or big pot lined with a trash bag for pumpkin guts & seeds)
  • Template or Design, to trace or draw freehand on your pumpkin (you can download Steampunk ones here)
  • Tea candle (I prefer electric, but that’s up to you!)

Steps (for tracing your design):

  1. Carve a lid & scoop out the pumpkin guts.
  2. Next, place your design over your pumpkin and trace using your special pumpkin poking tool (in your kit). I used a corn-on-the-cob utensil instead. It worked really well and had the added benefit of creating 2 holes instead of just one per punch so I was finished poking holes a lot sooner.
  3. Once you’re done tracing your design, place your tea candle inside and affix your lid! Enjoy your steampunkin’s ghoulish glow!

Steps (for carving your design):

  1. Carve a lid & scoop out the pumpkin guts.
  2. Next, free hand sketch the design or template of your choice onto your pumpkin. I recommend using a pencil as pen can smudge and show on the skin.
  3. Carve out your design!
  4. Once you’re done carving, place your tea candle inside and affix your lid. Enjoy your steampunkin’s eerie luminescence!

    My friend, Michael & his angry owl pumpkin! We had such a hoot! Pardon the pun! (Couldn’t resist!)

Templates: (Free to download, my gift to you! Happy Halloween!) 

Don’t forget to post pictures of your steampunkins! I’d love to see ’em! Happy Carving!

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DIY Steampunk Monocle Bowler

A fun DIY for Halloween! Great for a steampunk Sherlock Holmes or Watson!

shot_1373926098697This DIY is relatively simple though it can be expensive (if you can’t find a bowler for cheap). Here’s what you’ll need:

Bowler hat (preferably thrifted); Thick Chain (I used 4 inches); Safety Pin; Needle & Thread; Ribbon (mine was ribbon made to look like measuring tape); Small leather pouch; Magnifying glass; Game Spinner; Clock Gear; Jumps Rings; Pliers; Scissors, an Awl; Pins; and a medium Bike Gear (from a cassette)


  1. Measure the amount of ribbon you’ll need to fit snugly around the base of your bowler hat. Be sure to leave at least a 1/2 inch on each side to fold over your bike gear. Once you’ve measured the amount of ribbon you’ll need, cut it. Set aside.
  2. Pick up your leather pouch, using your scissors (or an exacto knife), cut 2 slits on the back of your pouch (about 1/4 inch from one another in the same direction–either horizontally or vertically), then thread your ribbon through the slits. Next, using your awl, poke a hole in the front of your leather pouch (so that you can affix your chain to the pouch with a jump ring). Using your flat nosed pliers, attach the chain and the magnifying glass with a jump ring. Optional, also add a game spinner and a clock gear  with jump rings for further decoration.Hat 2
  3. Next, thread your ribbon (with the right side facing up) through your bike gear’s holes on one side. Pin in place. Hold your bike gear in place (where you want it situated on your bowler hat and then wrap the ribbon around the base of your hat. Thread the end of the ribbon through the bike gear and pin in place. When you are pinning your ribbon, be sure that you are only pinning the ribbon together and not the ribbon to the hat. Hat 1
  4. Next, slide the ribbon off of the base of your bowler hat and sew the ribbon in place. Keep your stitches small and close together. Be sure to tie a sturdy knot and hide that knot on the side of the ribbon that will go against your hat (and therefore not be seen). Cut off any excess ribbon in the back. Repeat for the other side.
  5. Slide your ribbon down onto your bowler hat in place around the base. Place the magnifying glass inside the leather pouch and see how far the chain dangles off of the hat’s brim. If desired, using your safety pin, pin the chain to the opposite side of your bowler hat’s brim until you want to use the “monocle”/magnifying glass. Hat 3
  6. Wear proudly! Hat 4As always, happy crafting!

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DIY Steampunk Medals

Steampunk Medal DIY CollageMake your own steampunk medal! A perfect, easy addition to any Halloween costume!

Materials & Tools Needed:

  • Medal Ribbon (any length you desire)
  • Bicycle Gear (from a cassette)
  • Pocketwatch part (preferably one of the cover pieces which are more ornamental)
  • Pin
  • Safety pin
  • EE3000 or 5000 glue
  • Needle & Thread (if you prefer to hand sew) or Sewing Machine (which I’d suggest)
  • Scissors


  1. Cut ribbon for the medal.
  2. Place your bike gear in the middle of your ribbon.
  3. Grab your pocketwatch part (the piece I used is the cover which you can detach by removing the hinge pin which attaches the cover to the rest of the watch).
  4. Glue a pin to the back of your pocketwatch part with EE3000 or 5000 (or another kind of glue that fuses to metal).
  5. Fold your ribbon (lining up the 2 ends evenly).
  6. Fold over the top of your ribbon (toward the back side of your medal ribbon). Place your safety pin inside the fold.
  7. Sew (by either hand stitching or machine sewing) along your fold. Be sure to stitch and back stitch if you are using a sewing machine.
  8. Cut off the excess thread.
  9. Pin your pocketwatch part to the front of your ribbon.

You’re finished! Wear with pride!


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DIY Steampunk Gun Holster

For those who know me, my fetish for hip holsters (regardless of who’s wearing them–men & women alike are somehow more attractive to me with a hip holster strapped around their waist & leg-I blame Han Solo for this) but I digress. I’ve always wanted a hip holster and this Halloween I was determined to steampunk one of my very own.

IMG_9234Steampunking on a budget can be tricky and oftentimes we have to sacrifice quality for fit. I found a really great holster for 9.99 at a local Halloween store. It was imitation leather, but that worked to my advantage. I was able to easily manipulate the fabric and sew on accessories. IMG_9196So let’s get started! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Imitation leather gun holster (sourced from your local Halloween store; mine is a kid’s Indiana Jones holster–very appropriate, since I seriously love both Solo & Dr. Jones!) Mine came with a gun too; if yours does not, then you will need to purchase a toy gun. Water guns make excellent steampunk guns when painted. Here is a DIY that I love on steampunking toy guns.
  • Needle & Heavy thread (to match your leather and preferably, the kind used for coats)
  • Long Springs (upcycled from a local flea market)–You can substitute any straight metal material here: wire, typewriter keys, or even chain
  • Medium Grandfather clock gear (or reproduction gear)
  • 2 large jump rings (and flat nosed pliers)
  • 15-20 small Clothing Snaps (sourced from flea markets, but you can also go to any Fabric or Sewing store)–Mine are black, but you can also use silver
  • 1 large Clothing Snap (optional)–I used mine to disguise the modern plastic snap on my holster. You could also substitute an ornate button here if you wish
  • 1 Long metal pin (optional)–This gives your holster a little feminine flair. Choose any pin or brooch you like.


  1. Before sewing, lay out your springs on your holster & figure out their placement. I wanted mine to create a striped pattern so I spaced them a 1/4 inch apart. Once you’ve got all of your springs placed, sew your springs onto your holster. Be sure to tie sturdy knots & cut off any excess thread. Hide all of your knots on the inside of your holster. IMG_9198(Side note: I wanted one of my springs to curve a bit, and so I placed a couple of stitches in the middle of the spring so that it would keep a curved shape.) holster sew collage
  2. Place your pin above your springs. A large, long pin works best because it covers the tops of your springs. IMG_9213  IMG_9216
  3. Next, sew on your clothing snaps. Sew them in a pattern that you like. I alternated larger & smaller clothing snaps for a more textured look. IMG_9217    IMG_9224
  4. If desired, sew on your large sewing snap or button (over the holster’s plastic snap to hide it). This step is optional. IMG_9226
  5. Last, using your flat nosed pliers–attach your gear to your pin with your 2 jump rings.IMG_9228        IMG_9233Now hook to your belt & rustle up some trouble like the airship cowgirl (or cowboy) you are!

Halloween Steampunk Costume CollageHave a Happy Halloween everyone!




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