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Latest Junkin’ Trip–the Oklahoma 100 Mile Yard Sale

I am excited to announce that Rhys and I bought our forever home. It’s a lovely traditional style house built in 1964. I promise I will post some pictures soon once we’ve got all of our boxes unpacked and our art on the walls. My mom wanted to visit us to see the house in person and any reason for me is a good reason for a visit.

Serendipitously, my mom was able to fly in from New York to Tulsa the same weekend as the 100 Mile Yard Sale in Oklahoma. I was ecstatic. I learned about the 100 mile yard sale last year on one of Rhys’ Route 66 road trips and had earmarked  it to check out this year.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but we planned the weekend out well. My mom and I rented a cargo van, packed the cab with our favorite road trip snacks, hand wipes, water, and a few of our garage sale must-haves (basic tools, a notebook and pen, measuring tape, bubble wrap, boxes, plastic bags, a checkbook, and cash).

All that was left was to pick up our first map and be on our way.

IMG_5088I loved that the maps were printed in the local newspapers. I was happy to pay my 75 cents and be able to cross off garage sales as we went.

On the first day, we had an ambitious plan…to cover half of the towns on the route. Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs so to speak. We took our time and the day flew by and before we knew it, it was evening and we only made it to 2 towns–Sand Springs and Cleveland.

We found a lot of “littles” and a couple pieces of furniture for the new house: a set of vintage metal ice cream chairs and a sewing desk for my studio.


My mom was over the moon because we’d only paid $4 for both chairs. They need a little TLC but are otherwise in crackerjack shape.


In Cleveland, there was one sale in a field that had a whole table full of large and small sized teapots. Some were kitschy, chintzy, and others were plain, sturdy standbys. I love tea and teapots so I spent a good deal of time perusing the table. I came away with a beautiful, fun teapot shaped like a sewing machine. (It’s actually going to be a gift for my grams.)

Day Two of the 100 Mile Yard Sale was much more exciting. We got up really early and drove out to Pawnee where we started our day. Pawnee was by far our favorite stop on the 100 mile yard sale. It’s where I’ll begin every year from now on.

Everyone was friendly and in a good mood. With the Oklahoma Steam Show in town and the yard sale going on, everyone was full of pride and their beautiful town square was bustling with energy and visitors.


At the sidewalk sale outside Red Door Antiques (a fantastic little antique mall if you are in the area), I found a set of pineapple dishes. They are fabulous and summery.


My mom pulled a prank on me, when I went to put some of her purchases in the van, she purchased the dishes and when I came back I was crestfallen thinking that they had sold to someone else. She played it up like she didn’t see who bought them…and I later found out that she did.


In Pawnee, we lucked upon a whole box of antique German mercury glass Christmas ornaments, some costume jewelry pieces, a few books, sewing notions–a favorite material of mine, silver thimbles, and some sweaters to upcycle into mittens.

We also found a beat up curio cabinet. The rehab has already begun and I promise a much-longer post on it later.


We stopped in at Click’s for a bite to eat before heading down to road to Yale and Oilton where we found a cheesy record collection titled “Mood Dining” which was too tempting to pass up.

My favorite find of the whole weekend was this little picnic red and white gingham pouch filled with an old recipe for shortbread and these 3 handmade cookie stamps. The recipe card was well worn from being folded & unfolded so many times–a testament to how loved it was.

I can’t wait to bake a batch of these cookies and stamp them with lots of love. No doubt I will be folding and unfolding this recipe for many years to come.

Steampunk Mothers Day Card

More than anything I found, what I’ll treasure most is a weekend of memories made with my mom. We rode in the car singing loudly to the Golden Oldies, rummaged through house after house for treasures, and talked endlessly about our future shop together.

I am lucky to have such an inspiring, creative, kind and goofy mom. She’s my best friend and my role model. Happy Mother’s Day! 


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Happy Mother’s Day! or, The Story of How My Mom Saved Christmas

Happy Mother’s Day everyone, but most importantly to you Mima! You are my best friend, my greatest collaborator, and my biggest source of inspiration. I love you so much. This post is dedicated to you, to Grammy, and of coarse to all the mammas out there teaching their daughters & sons to grow up believing that they can achieve, imagine & create anything.

Me & Mima in Paris on our flea market tour of gay Paree!

Me & Mima in Paris on our flea market tour of gay Paree!

It may sound kind of silly or corny but moms to me are real-life superheroes. The feats they accomplish, the disasters they avoid, and the sacrifices they make in silence for their children leave me with a sense of awe and humility and an unshakable faith that people are good.

In the spirit of Mother’s Day I am going to tell you a story (one my mom never tells) and it involves 2 rings. When I was in elementary school and my family was living in North Carolina (in a little town called Supply), my dad was laid off from his job. It was close to Christmas and work was hard to find. We were poor and it looked like we weren’t going to be able to have a Christmas at all. We didn’t have the money for a tree or presents. My brother, Caleb, and I didn’t know this until 10 years later when my mom let it slip when we were talking about class rings and how significant and important they were. We asked my mom if she still had hers and that’s when we found out that she had hocked it along with her engagement ring so that she could buy a Christmas tree and some presents for the both of us. That’s the story of how my mom saved Christmas–and in truth, our childhood. Caleb and I grew up happy–we were never really poor because we had (and have) what we really needed–love. So hug your mom extra tight because you may not know just how much of a superhero she really is.

My mom's the one in the middle--can you tell where I get my off-the-wall style from?

My mom’s the one in the middle–can you tell where I get my off-the-wall style from?


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Tribute to My Amazing (Steampunk) Mom!

This is my mom, and she is also a Steampunker. Below you see her dressed up as an archeological explorer. She has a wide brimmed hat (good for those hot, sunny expeditions), antique pearl studded goggles (which she made herself), leather pouch (for collecting rare finds), and her fossil brush (attached on the other side of her belt). You can see where I get my imagination from!

I count myself lucky to have a mom that supports and nurtures my creativity and imagination. She taught me how to make jewelry & was the person who first introduced me to Steampunk. Just wanted to introduce you all to my biggest source of inspiration, my mom.

Go get mushy today & give your mommas some love! Happy Mother’s day everyone! xo Sam

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