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Living Arts Champagne & Chocolate Gala & Things Galore…

Hello everyone, I have been a bit M.I.A. on my blog lately. I’ve been busy trying to get everything together for a string holiday events. The first of which is Living Arts‘ Champagne & Chocolate Gala (Saturday, Nov. 19th from 7:00-10:00 pm). The event will include a silent auction where you can bid on two Bohemian Romance items: 1) a pair of Tick-Tock-Timepiece Earrings and 2) A earring & bracelet set made with pearl buttons, washers, and gunmetal chain! Both auction items come with a plum gift box and Steampunk holiday gift tag! Good luck to any bidders!

I have also been working on a display for an Indie Emporium pop-up shop where you can find Bohemian Romance items for the holiday season! I love the holidays, mostly because I love giving gifts and this year I decided to include a small gift to anyone who purchases one of my items from the pop-up shop or on my Etsy shop–a Steampunk holiday gift tag! There are 3 choices: a gear evergreen Christmas tree, berry red gear scrolling holly & ivy, and a glittering gold light bulb invention! (All of which, are made with fantastic rubber stamps I purchased on 1-2-3 Stitch’s website).

Also for the pop-up shop I made a giveaway D.I.Y. which I will post on my blog later this month on how to make your own holiday gift tags using salvaged or upcylced materials! I am super excited. Here’s a preview of one of my gift tag creations with instructions!

Well, next week will not be any less busy–my brother is getting married & my mom and I are getting together to make the bridesmaids’ jewelry and design the floral arrangements! I’ll be sure & sneak a few minutes to post some picture

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Saturday in New York City


My mom and I, fabric shopping in Mood. I was pleasantly surprised by everyone’s sincere friendliness and helpfulness. I expected a cold shoulder since I am not a wholesale buyer or a designer, but was happily mistaken. I found exactly what I was looking for—a pale gray patterned cotton for a pair of Edwardian bloomers I am making from a Folkwear Pattern (the pattern is called Edwardian Underthings).

We also happened upon this stunning brocade fabric which we had to buy to fashion a Victorian style skirt. I am so excited! The fabric is stunning—the other side of it is completely covered with netting which ages the fabric’s look by 100 years

Our next stop was the Antique Garage Flea Market (on 24th Street by the Tish Building). We saw everything from antique writing desks, pornography from 1911-1941, vintage & junk jewelry, old books & vintage apparel, to WWII death announcement cards.



Here are my finds:

Three antique hat pins—so dainty & dangly!

Vintage chains—one with pearls! So delicate & feminine!

A child’s silver identification bracelet, engraved: “H.A. [worn too much o discern] Pinehurst Ave., Troy, NY”

Three vintage cuff links—can’t wait to Steampunk these!

A metal pill box, not vintage but beautiful. I am going to gut the plastic out of the inside and replace it with a very soft velvet.


Two silver lockets—I have already begun collecting lockets for a collaborative project with Tara @ Plume Perfumery. We are going to make a line of Steampunk perfume lockets filled with Victorian scents!

I wish that every Saturday were filled with flea markets & fabric shopping!

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