Junkin Tips & Tricks: 17

Junkin Tip 17As always, Happy Junkin’!

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Daydreaming about a Steampunk Tea Party

Cloudy days are the best for daydreaming. I have dreams of opening up a shop with my mom one day and I’ve always imagined the grand opening being a steampunk tea party.

I’ve been on a baking kick lately, in part thanks to my friend Eilis who has turned me on to watching The Great British Baking Show.

If you want to host a steampunk tea party, here are a couple of ideas & recipes to get you started…or daydreaming like me too:


Tea Cup & Saucer silicone cupcake holders


Easy Petit Four Batter Recipe (From Rose Bakes)


Teacup floral arrangements (From Mary Moon)

Untitled 2

Rose biscuits (from Izyumka)

Untitled 2

Chocolate Gears Edible Decorations (DIY here)


Sprocket & Gear Cookie from Sweet Sugar Belle (Recipe here)

Chocolate Gear Cupcakes from Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary (Recipe here)

Happy Daydreaming & Baking!


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Junkin Tips & Tricks: 16

Junkin Tip 16As always, Happy Junkin’!

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DIY Toy Tea Sets

I love making toys for my niece and godkids and the toy I’ve been working on lately definitely has a steampunk/Victorian flare: fabric tea bags for tea time.

If you search on Pinterest, there are a variety of great DIYs on how to make these. I’d recommend the following: Fresh Paint (for a standard DIY), Weibo (for a great felt version), and my favorite which I based my own on–Lil Blue Boo (which has a cute idea for a tea box too).

I added my own touches to Lil Blue Boo’s DIY, I used patterned fabrics and used scrapbook paper to decorate the outside of my lil tea box. I also achieved the feel and consistency of tea leaves with shredded paper (like the kind you’d buy for a gift or Easter  basket).

This is also a wonderful sewing project because it’s inexpensive. I had some 5 x 5 squares left over and I could make approximately 2 tea bags out of 1 5 x 5 square. This is flexible enough that you can also use fabric scraps.

My niece loved hers, and I am still dutifully sewing more for friends who’ve asked. It’s a fun, relatively quick project. Merry Making!

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NYC Treasures

As promised, here’s what I found at the open air flea market near the Flat Iron Building.

Rhinestone pins & pendants, an enamel butterfly, several earrings missing their other half, a pearl bracelet I am going to deconstruct, and 3 rhinestone necklaces that I can’t wait to re-imagine as steampunk pieces.

Also, buttons & sewing notions galore!

Test glasses, a pocketwatch, gold cigarette case, locker keys, small skeleton keys, a piece of metal that looks like a ship’s steering wheel, and a tiny rhinestone & enamel shamrock pin (which will just stay as is–since it’s utterly fabulous).

Some of these materials have already made their way into finished pieces.

This necklace, which is simple but elegant.

This bracelet, which I now can’t part with! It’s too cute. I love how the key says “Presto”!

And numerous pairs of earrings made with sewing hooks, snaps, & clasps.

I love traveling & finding new materials to create with–it’s rejuvenating. Merry Making & Safe Travels everyone!

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Junkin Tips & Tricks: 15

Junkin Tips 15As always, Happy Junkin’!

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Recharging My Creative Batteries: My Visit to New York

Everyone needs a bit of re-fueling from time to time. I feel creative most days, but never as creative and excited to make things as I am when I’m around my family.

I got to visit my family in New York 3 weeks ago, and it was refreshing. I stepped into the house, through the kitchen where we all inevitably end up gathering, and felt it. Everyone was making something, their imaginations were taking them somewhere.

My niece, Avery Jane (who is 6 years old) gave me a pile of drawings she made and paintings she had done just for me & Rhys. I love seeing her drawings evolve. The whole weekend she was coloring or sketching all the while singing. When she was concentrating particularly hard on something she was trying to get just right, her tongue stuck out and her brow furrowed–something my mom does when she’s making things too. I’m glad that the next generation of us also finds fulfillment in creativity.


My grams was sewing away on her sewing machine–a Spring table runner as a surprise for me. It is beautiful. I love all of the quilted treasures around her home and mine. The gentle whir of her Singer was music to my ears. It is the sound of home.

My brother, Leb, had just finished welding a rose out of scrap metal he found on the floor of his shop. It has a twisted almost thorn-like feel on the stem. He was proud to show it off to everyone and was already planning his next welded flower.


The most re-invigorating thing was taking the train into NYC, grabbing sloppy joes at Schnippers, and shopping in the fashion district with my mom. We’ve been doing this for ages, and I’ve really missed it.

My favorite thing about the fashion district is that there are stores that sell just one thing, and it marvelous. We headed into shops bulging full of chain, jump rings, buttons, sequins, beads, and so much more…it’s fun to pour over the endless rows. I don’t work with a lot of new materials, but I do like to mix in a couple of new items every now and again. Here’s what I took away from one of my favorite places.

NYC fashion district

I have now become obsessed with the pale pink tiny sequins I picked up. They look gorgeous paired with antique & vintage pearls. It’s a new fave combo on a lot of my new pairs of earrings.


Our next stop was an open air flea market near the Flat Iron Building. We found some really great stuff! Will save that for the next post!


Until then, Merry Making! xoxo Sam

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